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I love it when one thing needs to another, but then you have to go back and think about how things got where they are, and where it all started. 

This feeling happens with real, important events that can affect your whole life from that point, but sometimes it’s only small things that make you feel like you’re falling down a rabbithole.

In this case, I’m talking about a song.

It all started with Warehouse 13. I’m slowly catching up with the first season, and I was watching episode 8, which had an awesome song near the end. I looked up the episode on tv.com to get the song title, then looked up the song on iTunes. My favourite version was from Almost Alice, so I went through the album previews, which I’d been meaning to do since before the film came out (it’s songs inspired by Alice In Wonderland). I ended up getting six songs, but my favourite is Welcome To Mystery – Plain White T’s.

Click for YouTube

There’s something oddly hypnotic about it, and I love the lyrics. (The song I was actually looking up was White Rabbit, and my other favourites are Always Running Out of Time, Painting Flowers and The Poison.)

I rewatched Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland recently and continue to love it, although as my mum agreed, it helped going into it knowing it should have been called Alice in Underland, to make it clear it wasn't a retelling of the original story. I also love Syfy's miniseries Alice. Has anyone else seen it? Definitely worth watching.

Also, on the subject of falling down a rabbithole, if you want something to make you smile, try Dianna Agron's Tumblr (Quinn from Glee) - she's sweet and kinda nerdy, and her randomness is cute. She also shares some great photos and music. Here's a post: And we become a jolly bunch of fools.

Here are some lyrics from Welcome To Mystery:

Imagine a place you can always escape to
An island off the coast of nowhere
A new destination of your own creation
Just waiting till you choose to go there

Blue tree tops and velvet skies
Blue ready to blow your mind
This is a place where your mind can escape
All the problems today and go far, far away
This is a time with no history
Welcome to mystery


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