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This is my final Obernewtyn character journal entry - at least for the time being! :P I will eventually post them on ff.net - I even started to post the first one, then I'm not sure quite what happened... This one is Miky's entry, from during The Keeping Place.

~ ~ ~

Dear Diary,

It has been several days since Angina was injured by the soldierguards. Although the healers assure me that he has passed the crisis point, I cannot see any change. He has not yet woken, as his body still heals its hurts. I have been sitting with him and using all my empathy to bind him to life. The healers are also spending much time with him. The futuretellers have been monitoring his condition, but they do not say much – they never do. Though Dell has brought me chocca a few times, and tries to reassure me, in her own way. It is kind of her.

Dameon spends much of his time watching over my brother - though "watching" may not be the ideal word. Regardless, he often sits with him, and keeps him company, and myself as well. We do not speak much, but his presence is a comforting one, and sometimes I find myself bathed in his empathised patience and hope.

Hannay and Freya have both been very kind, and have visited both Angina and myself many times. I am more than grateful for the journey to Sador, as it has given me such good friends as these. I find Hannay especially is always willing to bring me some food or chocca, to talk to me and keep me company – even to sit silent with me if he can sense I do not feel like talking.

I hope I shall always have such friends.


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Another journal entry I wrote - I'm not quite as confident with this one, though I did enjoy the exploration. =) (I think it ended up a tad too philosophical/rambling. =P) Please feel free to post constructive criticism as well as general comments! =) This one's set during The Keeping Place...
~ ~ ~

Alad. Just following Moonfair. Unspecified year.


Dear Diary,

We have just found Rushton's second bird. The poor thing was injured on its way back to the roost, and has been dead for some days. We're lucky it even made it as far as the farms.

Of course, the loss of the bird is nothing compared to the message we found attached to its leg! Rushton has been taken captive, and his life is in danger - they want us to help the rebels with the rebellion, and threaten to kill Rushton if we don't! I am not convinced that it was the rebels who sent the note, but I cannot think who else it would have been. We are having guildmerge shortly so we can work out what to do.

I am very concerned about Elspeth. I know she controls her emotions, and tries not to show them, but I cannot help but notice that she still feels them. I regard Elspeth as one of my closest friends, in spite of her prickly nature. Her reaction on seeing the note and – worse – on realising that Rushton might be dead made me want to comfort her, but she wouldn't let me near. Instead I watched helpless as she fought to take control of her emotions. Unable to look away, I realised that sympathy makes her more vulnerable - she is strongest when left alone. I cannot imagine that this will make her life easy, but who am I to criticise?

Elspeth is taking the news of Rushton very hard, as anyone could imagine. Though now that I think on it, maybe they would not imagine it of her. I know that she has managed to fool some people. She will never fool me.

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1. Heard a kookaburra in person

2. Slept under the stars

3. Seen a koala

4. Visited Melbourne

5. Watched a summer thunderstorm

6. Worn a pair of thongs

7. Been to Uluru (Ayer's Rock).

8. Visited Cape York

9. Held a snake [nope, but have patted one]

10. Sang along with Khe Sanh

11. Drank VB

12. Visited Sydney

13. Have seen a shark

14. Have used Aussie slang naturally in a conversation

15. Had an actual conversation with an indigenous Australian (aboriginal)

16. Eaten hot chips from the bag at the beach

17. Walked/climbed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge [Nope, but I’d love to!]

18. Used an outside dunny, and checked under the seat before sitting down

19. Seen Chloe in Young & Jackson's. [what now?]

20. Slept on an overnight train or bus

21. Been to Sydney's Mardi Gras

22. Have gone bush-bashing [I’ve been bush walking :P]

23. Taken a sickie [yeah, but only 'cause my job sucks and I had uni work due *looks shifty*]

24. Been to see a game of Aussie Rules football

25. Have seen wild camels

26. Gone skinny dipping.

27. Had a Tim Tam Slam

28. Ridden in a tram in Melbourne

29. Been at an ANZAC day Dawn Service

30. Watched a sunrise or sunset

31. Held a wombat [Haha, do they know how big they are?!? =P I’ve patted a wombat, and held a koala]

32. Been on a roadtrip of 800km or more

33. Seen the Great Australian Bight in person

34. Had a really bad sunburn

35. Visited an aboriginal community

36. Seen a redback spider

37. Have watched Paul Hogan [Do they mean Crocodile Dundee? I know I’ve seen it, not that I really remember]

38. Seen Blue Poles in person

39. Wandered barefoot in the bush/outback

40. Eaten Vegemite

41. Thrown a boomerang

42. Seen the Kimberlies

43. Given a hitch-hiker a lift [my dad has, with me in the car]

44. Been to Perth

45. Have tried Lemon, Lime and Bitters [love it!]

46. Tried playing a didgeridoo

47. Seen dinosaur footprints

48. Eaten Tim Tams

49. Been to Darwin

50. Touched a kangaroo

51. Visited the Great Barrier Reef

52. Listened to Kevin Bloody Wilson

53. Killed a Cane Toad

54. Gone to a drive-in theatre [been meaning to]

55. Have read and own books by Australian authors

56. Visited Adelaide

57. Know the story behind "Eternity" [I think I should know, just can't think right now...]

58. Been camping

59. Visited Brisbane

60. Been in an outback pub

61. Know what the term "Waltzing Matilda" actually means [I think I should know, just can't think right now...]

62. Gone whale watching.

63. Listened to Slim Dusty

64. Own five or more Australian movies or TV series

65. Sang along to Down Under

66. Have stopped specifically to look at an historic marker by the side of the road. [the dog on the tuckerbox! :P]

67. Eaten a 4'n'20 pie

68. Surfed at Bondi

69. Watched the cricket on Boxing Day

70. Visited Hobart

71. Eaten kangaroo

72. Seen a quokka at the Melbourne Zoo.

73. Visited Canberra

74. Visited rainforests

75. Used a Victa lawnmower

76. Travelled on a tram in Adelaide  [they have trams?!]

78. Used a Hills hoist

79. Visited the Olgas

80. Used native Australian plants in cooking

81. Visited the snow

82. Chosen a side in Holden VS Ford [My dad’s old Ford sucked! =P]

83. Visited the desert

84. Been water skiing

85. Read The Phantom

86. Visited Parliament House

87. Gone spotlighting or pig-shooting [Hell no!]

88. Crossed the Nullarbor

89. Avoided swimming in areas because of crocodiles

90. Listened to AC/DC

91. Called someone a dag

92. Voted in a Federal Election

93. Have been swimming and stayed between the flags

94. Had a possum in your roof

95. Visited the outback

96. Travelled over corrugated roads. [lived on one for years =P]

97. Hit a kangaroo while driving

98. Been well outside any mobile phone coverage

99. Seen an emu.

100. have woken to the smell of bushfires


Not as bad as I was expecting. =P
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I figured my journal has been shamefully neglected, so I decided to post an entry. :) There's not much going on with me at the moment - still trying to finish uni - but here's a journal entry I wrote for Swallow when I couldn't get my head around my uni work. :) It's meant to be a bit of fun, not serious, in case that's not clear. :P

"Swallow". 3rd Day before leaving Sutrium. Unspecified year.

Dear Diary,

Today I met a beautiful and fiery young woman. She claimed she was a gypsy, but of course I saw through her pretence. She has a strange bond with animals – or horses at least – but the strangest thing was the circumstances of my finding her: a dream... But I should not speak of this here. Who knows who may later read these words.

I found the girl being whipped by a beastly trader, and soon set things to rights, lecturing him on the true reasons why gypsies dance. I then gifted her with the cloth she had been admiring, noticing as I did so that her eyes were distant and flashed with a sense of pride even in her pain; she must have felt pain – her back and clothing had been torn to shreds. As I held the cloth up to her face she flinched and I said privately that she startled like an unbroken pony, at which she blushed and I couldn't help but laugh. I could tell she felt a certain attraction – her body betrayed her if her mind did not. I could also sense that she was like to a prickleberry – dangerous to those reckless or brave enough to try getting close. I was not afraid.

The best part was after we escaped the trader and the soldierguards, because I couldn't get the girl to be quiet, so I was forced to hold her close. She finally went silent, realising her danger, and after the soldierguards had gone I couldn't help but tease her about the gentler pleasures, something I could tell she had never yet experienced.

I had been following the girl because of my search for Iriny, but in the heat of the moment I impulsively stepped forward and kissed her. I couldn't resist an amused quip at her lack of opposition to my kiss; even though she childishly wiped her mouth and snapped at me, I could tell that she had enjoyed it.

I am pleased that I managed to find an excuse to see her again – as I tricked her into admitting her part in Guanette, and she is bringing Iriny – and I hope to find more about her secrets. I know she is not a gypsy, for all her claims, and I cannot imagine how she knows this name. Well, we shall see. I look forward to again seeing her dark silken locks and flashing green eyes.



Jul. 26th, 2008 01:03 pm
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
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I actually kind of like this one. =) I picked the third picture down rather than across because I figured both were possibilities, and this worked better for an album cover. =D

I love the pic - all I did was add the text! Here's the link:

random wiki article
Title of the article is your Band name
random quote! last four words of the last quote is your album name
flickr the third picture is your album art.
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1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies.
2. Go to IMDB and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions. Totally cheating, you dirty cheaters!


1. (I couldn’t pick just one quote from this movie!)
a) “You mock my pain.”
“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
b) “We'll never survive.”
“Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has.”

The Princess Bride - [info]porotito

“I will simply deny you the crown and live... forever!”

Ever After
- [info]akinimod


“And since I am dead, / I can take off my head / to recite Shakespearean quotations.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas
- [info]akinimod

“On September 3rd 1973, at 6:28pm and 32 seconds, a bluebottle fly capable of 14,670 wing beats a minute landed on Rue St Vincent, Montmartre. At the same moment, on a restaurant terrace nearby, the wind magically made two glasses dance unseen on a tablecloth.”

Amelie - [info]akinimod

“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

The Matrix - [info]akinimod

“What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?”

The Lion King - [info]akinimod

“Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid.”

Pirates of the Caribbean  - [info]akinimod

“Gaston, you are positively primeval.”
“Why thank you, Belle.”
Beauty and the Beast - [info]akinimod

“Late at night my mind would come alive with voices and stories and friends as dear to me as any in the real world. I gave myself up to it, longing for transformation.”

Little Women - [info]akinimod

a) “I swallowed a bug.”
b) "I aim to misbehave."
c) This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.
Define "interesting".
[deadpan] Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?

“Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

V for Vendetta - [info]akinimod

“You didn't slay the dragon?”
“It's on my "to do" list. Now come on.”
“But this isn't right. You're meant to charge in, sword drawn, banner flying - that's what all the other knights did.”
“Yeah, right before they burst into flame.”

Shrek - [info]akinimod

“If there's one thing I know about all my years watching Earth, is that people aren't what they may seem. There are shop boys, and there are boys that just happened to work in a shop for the time being. And trust me Tristan, you are no shop boy.”

Stardust - [info]akinimod

a) “I have learnt how to live... How to be IN the world and OF the world, and not just to stand aside and watch. And I will never, never again run away from life. Or from love, either...”
b) "Democracy can be a wickedly unfair thing _____. Nobody poor was ever called democratic for marrying somebody rich."
c) "He came to the cooking school to take a refresher course in souffles and liked me so much he decided to stay on for the fish."
d) "I might as well be reaching for the moon."
"Oh, you young people are so old fashioned. Have you not heard? We are building rockets to reach the moon!"

“He's got a sword.”
“You idiots. We've all got swords.”

Aladdin - [info]akinimod

“That wasn't flying! That was... falling with style!”

Toy Story - [info]porotito

 17. (just had to include two for this film!)
a) “Ooh, see that, there. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?”
b) "I still maintain that he kicked himself in the balls."

10 Things I Hate About You - [info]akinimod

“And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.”

Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann's version) - [info]porotito

“Did you see those Huns? They popped out of the snow, like daisies!”

Mulan - [info]porotito

 20. (2 quotes again)
a) “A faithful heart can make dreams come true.”
b) "All this trouble for a comb?"
"It's mine. It means a lot to me. A barbarian like you wouldn't understand."
"I can use it to pick fleas from my horse."

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
- [info]porotito

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I keep my electric kettle on the floor in the loungeroom, when I'm not using it. Not only that, but I move it around, so in the course of a week it might move around the room: from the middle of the floor; to underneath the clotheshorse; to over near the TV cabinet; then back to the middle of the floor. Now, before you decide I’m crazy, I guess I should explain WHY I do this! =D It’s a “game” I play, called Evade the Ants. There’s another name for it, but it’s not quite as polite... *looks shifty* We have a problem with ants – we just can’t get rid of them. And the ants LOVE the kettle, and have an incredible ability to find it, no matter where I put it. I clearly can’t leave it on the bench, but they even found it in the cupboard, and on top of the bookcase! So I eventually came up with the plan of making it a migratory kettle! =D

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I thought I'd do a review-type-thing of one of my favourite TV shows, partly so I can show off my new wallpaper! =D Yes, another new wallpaper... *rolls eyes*

Pushing Daisies is a humorous crime investigation show with a romantic subplot. Except it has one major difference – the main character (Ned) can bring people back from the dead. He uses his ability to talk to murder victims – but he only has one minute, or someone else will die. It's a great concept! And it also means that one of the main characters is an "alive again" dog! (Ned hates to use the term "zombie" – 'It's disrespectful. Stumbling around squawking for brains? It's not how they do. And "undead"? Nobody wants to be "un"-anything. Why begin a statement with a negative? It's like saying "I don't disagree." Just say you agree.')

Pushing Daisies has some great humour, especially from Emerson (a PI) and Olive (the waitress at Ned's shop, The Pie Hole). Ned's a pie-maker, when he's not helping Emerson solve crimes. And for interest's sake, Olive is being played by Kristin Chenoweth, who used to play the role of Glinda in Wicked. She's a brilliant singer! She sings in Pushing Daisies:

The visual style, wonderful music, and brilliant narration of Pushing Daisies have been compared to a number of my favourite tv shows and movies, especially Amélie, Big Fish, and Arrested Development. The romance element is a little overdone at times, but it's cute. =) Pushing Daisies is starting in Australia sometime this month, and the second season will be starting in the US in September. I can't wait! *dances*

Oh, and Ned's "alive again" dog, Digby, is one of my favourite characters. =D He's the star of my new wallpaper:
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I find that occasionally I develop an obsession with a particular song. I’m not sure what it is that appeals about these songs, but I can listen to them over and over. Of course, last.fm gets narky with me for it! =D I really don’t do it often, but sometimes I just get fixated.
I do hope I'm not the only person who does this... *looks shifty*

Some of these songs include:
Superman (It’s Not Easy) – Five For Fighting
How to Save a Life – The Fray
Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
Evanescence – Missing
Apocalyptica – Farewell
Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters
New Slang – The Shins
Evanescence – Lithium
Muse – Time is Running Out
Nickelback – If Everyone Cared
Evanescence – Snow White Queen
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Well, I got tagged by Jess with the fictional characters meme, so here goes... =D

List ten fictional characters you would absolutely have a date with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.
(And yes, I am also not saying sex ... except just then. =P)

1. Solen – Legendsong Trilogy
2. Booth – Bones
3. Darragh – Sevenwaters Trilogy
4. Fian – Obernewtyn
5. George – Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books
6. Edward Cullen – Twilight series
7. Harrison
Alyzon Whitestarr
8. Ned – Pushing Daisies
9. Westley – The Princess Bride
10. Eric Gotts

I was trying to pick my favourites who hadn't been picked yet and most of them hadn't, so that was good! =D I just noticed though that practically all of them are the male lead... Oh well. =P And it was hard picking just one from the Sevenwaters Trilogy, but I didn't want to seem greedy! =P

I tag anyone who hasn't done it yet as well... *looks shifty*

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Does anyone else find that the minute you run out of the few anti-cold things you had around the house, and are forced to go and splurge on anti-cold drugs, your cold immediately gets better? =S Or at least, comparatively better... I find that always seems to be the case. It's like colds are involved in a plot to make me waste my money on unneeded medication! Or something... *looks shifty*

And now I'm hoping I haven't just jinxed it! *knocks wood* Speaking of which, does anyone else know the song "The Impression That I Get" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones? It's good fun - very bouncy and upbeat! =D Here's a sample of the lyrics:

Have you ever been close to tragedy
Or been close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
So heavy you collapse?

No? Well...
I never had to knock on wood
But I know someone who has
Which makes me wonder if I could
It makes me wonder if
I never had to knock on wood
And I'm glad I haven't yet
Because I'm sure it isn't good
That's the impression that I get.

And, just because I felt like sharing! =P
The worst incident with my cold was a couple of days ago. I had a mouthful of my cup of tea, only to have the immediate urge to cough. I managed to suppress the cough, only to dive for the tissues because the "suppressed" cough instead decided to make the tea come out my nose! =S Not fun! The only good point was that the tea wasn't very warm...
I'm sure that was too much information, but there you go. =)

Music Quiz!

Feb. 4th, 2008 08:12 pm
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I know I'm a little behind, but I haven't had my journal very long, and these Music Quiz things look fun! =D As an aside, I'll just say that I have very diverse taste in music...and I really need to go through what's on my iPod. =P

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

  1. I walk into the old apartment
  2. Little star
  3. I’m on the drug, I’m on the drug
  4. There’s dancing, behind movie scenes
  5. Your world is yours not mine, Quidam
  6. It’s coming round again
  7. Got no place to go
  8. I could never wear that sweater
  9. Well, I was there when you were torn apart
  10. Shaking like a leaf
  11. Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol
  12. I’m so tired of being here
  13. In the country
  14. Life’s a show, and we all play our parts
  15. The future looks so bright ahead, the past is far behind
  16. I wanna try, getting work with the guy
  17. I read the news today, oh boy
  18. You’re only just a dreamboat, sailing in my head
  19. Your love is everything to me
  20. It’s been one of those days
  21. It’s easier not to be wise
  22. When I was a young boy I tried to listen
  23. Let me fall
  24. Let me wrap myself around you
  25. C’mon y’all…Then I saw her face
  26. I heard there was a secret chord
  27. I think... It's getting to the point where I can be myself again
  28. Oh where oh where can my baby be?
  29. Hold in your last breath and stare
  30. People say to me that Jesus and Rock and Roll should never go together
  31. All alone all alone all alone I'm so alone
  32. You say, “Why does everything revolve around you?”
  33. She had four white stallions coming up around the bend
  34. Anytime I need to see your face
  35. Every time I look at you I don’t understand
  36. I follow the night, Can’t stand the light
  37. Your letter said that you were leaving, But you didn't know how long
  38. Lay down, your sweet and weary head
  39. I’m lost and broken all alone on this road
  40. Sunlight, opened up my eyes
  41. All alone, staring on
  42. Something’s up with Jack, Something’s up with Jack
  43. We're now up here alone, terror on the intercom, can someone save us?
  44. I can’t stand to fly
  45. The world is a vampire, sent to drain
  46. Pride can stand a thousand trials, The strong will never fall
  47. He said I'm going to buy this place and burn it down
  48. I heard this old story before
  49. I'm an ocean in your bedroom
  50. Hey, give me a listen, you corpses of cheer


Jan. 15th, 2008 11:39 pm
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Hi! I decided to join LJ as a way of keeping in touch with friends, although I'm not sure how much I'll be posting! I'll try to post somewhat regularly... I'll see how it goes. =) Either way, my name's Leah. I live in Victoria, Australia, and I love reading, writing, and drawing. My favourite authors are Isobelle Carmody, Melina Marchetta, and Juliet Marillier (for her Sevenwaters trilogy). =)

I also joined so I could view my friends' avatars at the icon journal Drowning Ducks. =) My avvie is by Jess, from Drowning Ducks. I couldn't resist it! =) I love the latest seasons of Doctor Who, and I also love the tv show Bones!

My theme is Purple, by Louise, from the Featured themes.

I guess that's it for the moment. Hopefully I'll be back sometime soon... =)

~ Leah


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