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Last week I went on an overnight trip to Mount Buller with my family, and went skiing. It was awesome! I'd been three times before, but we'd been meaning to go again for years. (Dad's from Canada, so he misses it.) We mostly went on the green (easy) slopes because the others were really icy, but on the second day I started going out of my way to go down steeper slopes and practice cornering, and had a few runs down a blue slope around midafternoon. It was so much fun, and I only fell a few times (mostly on the blue slope, which was steeper and had a few slushy bits, and moguls (bumps)). I did have a rather dramatic fall near the end of the day - I'd built up a fair bit of speed when suddenly one of my skis got stuck in slushy snow. It spun me around 180 straight onto my knee, then practically threw me onto my face and I slid a short way down the slope. Twas fun! :P My knee was actually pretty good the next day, probably in part because of the snow I held against it for the next half hour or so...

Fun with my phone camera )

In other news, yesterday I managed to trip over a heater. Even though I had JUST walked past it, I turned around and slammed right into it and knocked it over. It's big, solid, and very heavy, and is always in the same spot - sometimes I astound even me! I myself did not fall over - even though I trip over, walk into things and drop things on a regular basis, I rarely actually fall over, and often manage to catch the things as they fall - I guess it's a coping mechanism for the unco-ness, or more likely just all the years of practice... :P

Either way, hopefully I've reached my unco-ness quota for this week. *crosses fingers* At least I managed to entertain my parents - they had a lot of fun laughing at me, although they were also rather astounded!


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