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The word of the week I used is from this entry.

Title: Christmas
Fandom/original: Glee (SPOILERS for the whole first season – but not enough to ruin the plot, I think. Partly because the plot isn't great anyway. :P)
Characters: Quinn Fabray, Quinn's sister, (mentions Judy & Russell Fabray)
Rating: PG?
Word count: 481

I've always loved the scent of pine. It always reminds me of Christmas. It's the one time when my family seems happy and together. My mother always seems to drink less, and my father to be less concerned with his public profile. The atmosphere was always just lighter, and my sister and her husband have always helped with the mood.

This Christmas, that all went to hell. )
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I'm not sure how this happened (the stress and resultant avoidance of uni work may have been a contributing factor!) but in the past couple of years I've become a rather avid fangirl. (You may have noticed. :P)

But it didn't start there. I was on an icon-hunt recently, and came across an icon that took me back to the first film that I had a fangirly reaction to - Ever After.

I first saw the film at the cinemas with my mother, and we both loved it. We had a great crowd - everyone laughed in all the right places, and even cheered when Danielle punched Marguerite, when she shouted "I would rather die a thousand deaths than to see my mother's dress on that spoilt, selfish cow!", and again when Jacqueline said she was only there for the food.

At the end I stayed through the credits while everyone left. I claimed I wanted to see the filming location for the ruins at Amboise, but I was also listening to the song, plus I secretly didn't want the film to be over.

I wanted to see it again, but we couldn't, so I looked it up online and found a site on Geocities. I had no idea how the internet worked at that stage, but I downloaded a wallpaper collage I still use ocassionally, and found a fan-written adaptation of the film with the title "A Tout Jamais". I basically memorised it before the video came out, and I have it to this day. (I used to go swimming in a local lake and imagine I was Danielle.) I also made a few attempts to draw the characters. One drawing of Danielle remains one of the best people I've ever drawn. I even wrote a story set when Danielle was about 14 - my first attempt at fanfic. I still quote the film.

I recently found the soundtrack secondhand, and I love it! I continue to find Danielle de Barbarac inspirational and beautiful, especially for her inner strength, and still feel that Prince Henry was cute but too often had a puppy-dog look. :P

Some of my favourite quotes: )
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This is my final Obernewtyn character journal entry - at least for the time being! :P I will eventually post them on ff.net - I even started to post the first one, then I'm not sure quite what happened... This one is Miky's entry, from during The Keeping Place.

~ ~ ~

Dear Diary,

It has been several days since Angina was injured by the soldierguards. Although the healers assure me that he has passed the crisis point, I cannot see any change. He has not yet woken, as his body still heals its hurts. I have been sitting with him and using all my empathy to bind him to life. The healers are also spending much time with him. The futuretellers have been monitoring his condition, but they do not say much – they never do. Though Dell has brought me chocca a few times, and tries to reassure me, in her own way. It is kind of her.

Dameon spends much of his time watching over my brother - though "watching" may not be the ideal word. Regardless, he often sits with him, and keeps him company, and myself as well. We do not speak much, but his presence is a comforting one, and sometimes I find myself bathed in his empathised patience and hope.

Hannay and Freya have both been very kind, and have visited both Angina and myself many times. I am more than grateful for the journey to Sador, as it has given me such good friends as these. I find Hannay especially is always willing to bring me some food or chocca, to talk to me and keep me company – even to sit silent with me if he can sense I do not feel like talking.

I hope I shall always have such friends.


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Another journal entry I wrote - I'm not quite as confident with this one, though I did enjoy the exploration. =) (I think it ended up a tad too philosophical/rambling. =P) Please feel free to post constructive criticism as well as general comments! =) This one's set during The Keeping Place...
~ ~ ~

Alad. Just following Moonfair. Unspecified year.


Dear Diary,

We have just found Rushton's second bird. The poor thing was injured on its way back to the roost, and has been dead for some days. We're lucky it even made it as far as the farms.

Of course, the loss of the bird is nothing compared to the message we found attached to its leg! Rushton has been taken captive, and his life is in danger - they want us to help the rebels with the rebellion, and threaten to kill Rushton if we don't! I am not convinced that it was the rebels who sent the note, but I cannot think who else it would have been. We are having guildmerge shortly so we can work out what to do.

I am very concerned about Elspeth. I know she controls her emotions, and tries not to show them, but I cannot help but notice that she still feels them. I regard Elspeth as one of my closest friends, in spite of her prickly nature. Her reaction on seeing the note and – worse – on realising that Rushton might be dead made me want to comfort her, but she wouldn't let me near. Instead I watched helpless as she fought to take control of her emotions. Unable to look away, I realised that sympathy makes her more vulnerable - she is strongest when left alone. I cannot imagine that this will make her life easy, but who am I to criticise?

Elspeth is taking the news of Rushton very hard, as anyone could imagine. Though now that I think on it, maybe they would not imagine it of her. I know that she has managed to fool some people. She will never fool me.

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I figured my journal has been shamefully neglected, so I decided to post an entry. :) There's not much going on with me at the moment - still trying to finish uni - but here's a journal entry I wrote for Swallow when I couldn't get my head around my uni work. :) It's meant to be a bit of fun, not serious, in case that's not clear. :P

"Swallow". 3rd Day before leaving Sutrium. Unspecified year.

Dear Diary,

Today I met a beautiful and fiery young woman. She claimed she was a gypsy, but of course I saw through her pretence. She has a strange bond with animals – or horses at least – but the strangest thing was the circumstances of my finding her: a dream... But I should not speak of this here. Who knows who may later read these words.

I found the girl being whipped by a beastly trader, and soon set things to rights, lecturing him on the true reasons why gypsies dance. I then gifted her with the cloth she had been admiring, noticing as I did so that her eyes were distant and flashed with a sense of pride even in her pain; she must have felt pain – her back and clothing had been torn to shreds. As I held the cloth up to her face she flinched and I said privately that she startled like an unbroken pony, at which she blushed and I couldn't help but laugh. I could tell she felt a certain attraction – her body betrayed her if her mind did not. I could also sense that she was like to a prickleberry – dangerous to those reckless or brave enough to try getting close. I was not afraid.

The best part was after we escaped the trader and the soldierguards, because I couldn't get the girl to be quiet, so I was forced to hold her close. She finally went silent, realising her danger, and after the soldierguards had gone I couldn't help but tease her about the gentler pleasures, something I could tell she had never yet experienced.

I had been following the girl because of my search for Iriny, but in the heat of the moment I impulsively stepped forward and kissed her. I couldn't resist an amused quip at her lack of opposition to my kiss; even though she childishly wiped her mouth and snapped at me, I could tell that she had enjoyed it.

I am pleased that I managed to find an excuse to see her again – as I tricked her into admitting her part in Guanette, and she is bringing Iriny – and I hope to find more about her secrets. I know she is not a gypsy, for all her claims, and I cannot imagine how she knows this name. Well, we shall see. I look forward to again seeing her dark silken locks and flashing green eyes.



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