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A few random thoughts I had lately and couldn't help but share - mostly on random acronyms...

FML - When I first saw FML, I thought it meant f*** myself laughing, and didn't get it. Then I thought maybe it was a reference to situations where you laugh because the only other option is crying. (I still think this kind of makes sense, but I know what it actually means now. :P)

OTP (One True Pairing) - This one's more a question, relating to people talking about their OTP(s) in fandom.* Can you only ever have one OTP, or at least, only one at a time? Or can you have different OTPs for different things? (Because wouldn't the latter defeat the purpose of having a ONE true pair?)**

I have to confess, I kind of love acronyms, although there are only a few I use, and sometimes just for fun. My favourite one currently is TMI (too much information).

* I really like the word "fandom" - I think it's because it could be the name of some faraway land. (I maybe perhaps should be in bed...)
**This point may or may not have been influenced by Prince Henry's ramblings about fate and true love in Ever After...
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And this has nothing to do with Captain Hammer, if anyone was wondering :P (I'm sorry for the inevitable disappointment!). Lately I seem to have developed an obsession with cheese. I'm always examining cheese in the supermarket, and wanting to have cheese with everything. :P As a result, I'm also loving toasted sandwiches - they just make everything taste so much better - a plain cheese and tomato sandwich is infinitely awesome toasted!

This leads to my next point - has anyone got any good cheese recommendations? (Not just for in toasted sandwiches!)

BTW, is this reminding anyone else of the random cheese guy in the Restless episode of Buffy? :P
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I keep my electric kettle on the floor in the loungeroom, when I'm not using it. Not only that, but I move it around, so in the course of a week it might move around the room: from the middle of the floor; to underneath the clotheshorse; to over near the TV cabinet; then back to the middle of the floor. Now, before you decide I’m crazy, I guess I should explain WHY I do this! =D It’s a “game” I play, called Evade the Ants. There’s another name for it, but it’s not quite as polite... *looks shifty* We have a problem with ants – we just can’t get rid of them. And the ants LOVE the kettle, and have an incredible ability to find it, no matter where I put it. I clearly can’t leave it on the bench, but they even found it in the cupboard, and on top of the bookcase! So I eventually came up with the plan of making it a migratory kettle! =D


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